Rice Bowl with Meat and Vegetable

In air cooker:
Place frozen meat (chicken or fish) on grill setting tall and spray with Pam to allow seasonings to stick. Season with your favorite seasoning.

Cook 1 frozen boneless skinless chicken breast per person, or
1/2 pound of frozen fish
Only 30 minutes on high.
Cut into large pieces when done.

Immediately after you start the meat,

In rice cooker:
If vegetables are desired, cut vegetables into bite sized pieces and place into steamer basket.
Prepare one short cup to rice per person.
Cook rice per unit instructions

You need 1/4 cup or less of Kikoman's Teryaki Baste and Glaze to coat chicken, if desired.
I butter the rice with Nucoa and season it with more fish seasoning or Mrs Dash Original for fish only.

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